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Our CNC & Metal Machine Shop Equipment

Machinery for all jobs

Our jobs generally require us to use a variety of machines to craft specialized orders. To carry out the precision required we carry a multitude of machines in both CNC and Manual formats. We understand that every job is unique and requires terrific attention to detail, so our staff are trained experts on our machinery who take the effort to get the job done right the first time.

Tool & Die
Grinding & Welding

HWACHEON 850L CNC Metal Lathe


CNC Metal Lathes

Wickman 1"-6 Screw Machine

Wickman 1″-6 Screw Machine

1″ x 6-Spindle automatic screw machine

Willis SE-32120

Willis SE-32120 Manual Lathe

32″ metal lathe

sheet metal sheer

Sheet Metal Sheer

A sheering machine for sheet metal

Sheet Metal Press

Sheet Metal Press

A pressing machine for sheet metal

Mazak Nexus 510c

Mazak Nexus 510c

CNC vertically-centered lathe

Lagun CNC Mill

Lagun CNC Mill

Fully programmable CNC mills that help get the job done more efficiently

Lagun Manual Mill

Lagun Manual Mill

A manual milling machine

Brown & Sharpe Microval

Brown & Sharpe Microval

Precision measuring instrument

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